Callie’s Christmas

Callie wants me to ask you, because, you know, she’s too shy to ask you herself, what are you doing to bring romance into your holidays? Are you planning a sexy New Year’s Eve with your special honey? Are you wrapping up sexy lingerie and putting it under the tree for him to open…after all isn’t it really for him anyway? Are you reading more romance books during the holidays because you have some time for yourself?

She is planning to share a bottle of champagne with Mac on Christmas Eve in their bedroom, wearing the new white negligee she just bought. She’s hiding it in a bag the front hall closet, hoping he won’t notice. Although the negligee won’t provide any suspense, it will surely provide romance!

What are your plans? She’s love to hear them and so would I. Go to my website to get the first chapter of the book about Callie, Now and Forever, a Love Story, free:

Hello, it’s Callie here!

Yes, Callie was too shy to speak to you directly, so she asked me to talk to you. She wants some help selecting a Christmas gift for Mac. Anyone have any suggestions?

I told her that Kindle let’s you buy books as gifts now and she liked that idea, but it wasn’t sexy enough for her. Any suggestions from you all?